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83 % of women feel fear when walking alone at night* *Survey made by Sister
Why Sister? We, as women, would like to walk alone without fear at any time of day or night, but the street still doesn’t belong us. Many times we feel unprotected on the streets and use self-defense mechanisms such as dialing the police number, turning off the music on the phone or taking detours to get home. Sister is a geolocation application for women that aims to end the insecurity that we too often feel. We deeply believe that every woman has the right to move with total safety and freedom anywhere and at any time without feeling fear or worry. That is why we are committed to create an application that not only seeks to reduce the feeling of insecurity, but also prevents possible threats and responds in case of emergency.
Our mission Women, are brave and strong, but we don't want to show it continuously to safeguard our psychological and physical integrity. At Sister, we truly believe that there is a world in which men, women, boys and girls can live in harmony. And strength our skills from respect and love. That is why we seek to visibilize the violence and to invite all people to join together to eradicate it, from the deep love we feel for all human beings, of any gender, sexual orientation or race. Join Sister to turn things around and make this new world a little better.
45% of women feel scared when walking home alone
In the midst of the social and media revolution about women’s security and their physical and psychological integrity, we wanted to analyze whether fear is a reality among women and what measures are taken or could be taken to avoid it through a survey to which more than 35,000 Spanish women replied. Dive into the full survey
Choose who will follow you in real time Share your live location with your trusted contacts. They follow your route in real time and you could always feel accompanied. You can also follow them if they request it.
Sister features
Choose who will follow you in real time
Follow the safest route
Activate the deterrent alarm
Activate SOS
Have you arrived safe and sound?
Give us access to your camera and mic
Activate the location
How does Sister work?
Sister is a free app that tracks your location in real time with the best accuracy, so you can share it in real time to your trusted contacts. Sister comes with special features to increase women’s safety, such as a GPS that indicates you the safest route with the nearby police stations, a deterrent alarm to stop any kind of aggression, and a SOS mode to contact with the emergency services with just one click.
There are two main uses for Sister: prevention and emergency. The prevention mode shares the location of the user with their contacts in real time and has a GPS to display the safest route with the nearby police stations.
The emergency mode has a SOS button to send the location to the trusted contacts warning them that the woman is in danger. It also displays the phone number of the emergency services.
Sister is free and available to download worldwide for Android and iOS smartphones.
About us? Sister is a safety app for women made by women, which has taken into account the results of a survey launched in 2019 to 35.000 Spanish women. To ensure the maximum accuracy in the route in real time, Sister uses the technology of Wave Location Technologies, a leader in the geolocation sector, that has other apps available such as Wave Let’s Meet App, Wola Schools and Wola. Check out the other apps
Technological partner Our main technological ally is Amazon Web Services, which provides us a full 24/7 support and greater scalability in our service.
Sister worldwide Sister is not just an app, it is a technological ally in the fight against sexual harassment. Currently, we work with international NGOs to improve the safety of girls and women around the world.
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